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4 Ways to Capture a Home Buyer’s Attention Online

Nearly every generation starts their search for a new home online, and online searches are the leading predictor of which buyers will attend home showings.

It is crucial for real estate agents to capture leads by leveraging the vast number of online resources available to you. Here are 4 places to start.

1. Write Creative Posts on Facebook

There are 2 billion people worldwide using Facebook, and those people include real estate agents trying to capture home buyer interest. Your role is to stand out from the crowd and commit yourself to creating innovative content that reaches your target market – whether that’s millennial buyers, first-time home buyers, or individuals moving into your city.

Balance talking about yourself, and your listings, with helpful content. Frequently asked questions, scams that buyers should be aware of, and general tips are a good place to start. Make your Facebook a place that potential buyers know they can rely on for accurate, up-to-date information.

2. Share Listings on Instagram

Nine out of ten users home buyers state that photos are the most important feature on websites. Great original photos of your listings on Instagram are a fundamental way to capture interest among home buyers.

Images should be well-lit and feature prominent aspects of the home. Include a short, descriptive caption about the home with a direct opportunity to connect with you – either through an email, link to a website, or phone number. Be sure to tag the location and use relevant hashtags to reach as many people as possible.

Instagram stories are an excellent way to show walk-throughs of listings, especially when scheduling showings. Include a link to your email or website that users can easily go to for more information about the listing.

3. Create Videos to Increase Engagement

Videos offer the chance to enter into headspace of a buyer, through aspirational imagery, while also showing off the best features of a unique listing. A well done video for one listing can help drive traffic to your online presence in general – keeping you at the top of buyer (and seller) minds in the long-term.

With a higher price point than normal for the neighborhood, and a unique layout, a Toronto real estate agent knew she had to get creative to sell the listing. So she created a short-film that gained over a hundred thousand views, a score of new leads, and successfully sold the home just under asking price. Watch the film she created below.

Finally, along with videos of your listings, testimonial videos on your social media pages will let you prove past successes, and create personal relationships with viewers.

4. Engage Buyers with Well-Crafted Emails

With 89% of Americans checking their email every day, it remains a key way to cultivate a relationship with buyers.

Improving your lead-conversion rate through well-crafted emails requires providing value for buyers, using direct language, and the concept of exclusivity. When writing scheduling emails for listing presentations, use yes-or-no language for a greater chance of immediate response. Learn more about crafting the perfect email for buyer engagement.

Turn Followers into Clients

Whether you already have a strong online presence, or just created a fresh new Facebook account – posting relevant, helpful, and engaging content on your pages is crucial to connect with buyers.

As people spend more time online, using the tools at your disposal will help you connect with new leads for more successful listing sales. Once you’ve generated a large following through social media, find out how you can turn those leads into loyal clients.

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Heather Elias is a highly regarded content creator, editor and strategist. Her company, Artisan Consulting, specializes in marketing, branding, and digital strategy for the real estate industry, helping numerous companies create and hone authentic messaging and outreach. Heather has been fully immersed in real estate since she got her real estate license in 2004. In the last 16 years, she’s founded and grown a successful real estate team, worked as a brokerage executive, managed social strategy for NAR, and earned her brokers license.