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RealScout FAQ

What is RealScout?
RealScout is the platform that powers successful relationships between real estate professionals and their clients. Learn more at

 How is RealScout different than Zillow or Trulia?
Unlike Zillow and Trulia, RealScout works directly with the MLS to receive true home data!

Why do I need to pick an agent in order to use RealScout?
Because RealScout works directly with the MLS to give you true home information, we ask that you connect with an agent before conducting a search.

 I want to use RealScout, but it isn’t in my area!
Let us know! RealScout is always looking for new places to be, so please shoot our team an email at and tell us where you’re at!

Does RealScout have a mobile app?
Yes! We currently have an iPhone and iPad app for homebuyers. Search for “RealScout” in the App Store.

What is RealScout’s phone number?
(650) 397-6500