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Improved Subject Lines

Listing alerts now feature descriptive subject lines

Introducing more detailed email subject lines for listing alerts that are designed to increase open rates! These subject lines now provide additional context, enticing clients to open the email. They include:

  • New Listings
  • Price or Status changes
  • New Results from their search

Listing Alert Tab Enhancements – Client Profile

Improvements to help you manage listing alerts

We’ve redesigned the “Listing Alert” tab for the Client Profile. Manage listing alerts with less effort with these new features:

  • Quick link to “View Full Criteria” provides a brief summary of search criteria

  • A toggle to ‘Show Disabled Alerts’ – Disabled alerts are now hidden for less clutter

  • Larger buttons` for Editing, Copying & Deleting

  • New column showing the last time an alert was sent


Updated Search Data

The latest data for accurate search results

We’ve enriched our search data to provide the most accurate and up-to-date listing information for you and your clients.

  • Updated Great School Ratings, updated boundaries, new schools added

  • Updated Zip Codes – This update has introduced 300 new zip codes, and greater detail to the boundaries of most zip codes


Agent App Productivity Enhancements

New productivity features and photo zoom improvements

These latest enhancements include:

  • Toggle between map view and list view of filtered properties from the map screen

  • Filter the live feed by client activity with redesigned filters

  • Settings have been moved to the header to make room for new functionality

  • Copy and paste text from listings

  • Photo zoom improvements – view images in landscape orientation


Client Mobile App Enhancements

Enhanced Push Notifications and Edit an Existing Search


Push Notifications

Mobile push notifications now feature a descriptive push text, including:

  • New Listings
  • Price or Status changes
  • New Results from their search

All push notifications will send clients to the specific listing, or to the Listing Alert Results page if there’s more than one listing in the notification. These improvements deliver more relevant content and increase open rates and click through rates. 


Edit a search

Clients can now modify the following from the mobile app:

  • Change the search name
  • Modify the alert schedule
  • Set open house reminders
  • Adjust basic search filters

Agent Mobile App Enhancements

Enhanced Listing Details Page and Edit a Client Search

We’ve redesigned the listing details page and added new features to better match functionality found on the client app.


Enhanced listing details page

  • Scrolling image list with pinch zoom photos
  • Filter Images by room/category, ie: kitchen, bathrooms, outside, etc.
  • School ratings provided by Great Schools


Edit a client search
Agents can now modify the following from the mobile app:

  • Change the search name
  • Modify the alert schedule
  • Set open house reminders
  • Adjust basic search filters

Updated Agent Mobile App

Save a Client Search, Plus New Interactive Map

Our agent app has been redesigned to help you initiate client searches on the go. We’ve added new features to better define search location and filter listings to yield better search results. 

Save basic searches to an existing client and start sending listing alerts directly from the agent app. These latest enhancements offer more flexibility to define and create new searches to keep clients engaged with you.


Save a client search, plus new interactive map

  • New map reveals better search results
  • Draw custom boundary by dragging your finger on the map
  • Search by address and MLS# in addition to the city, neighborhood, zip code or school
  • Save searches to existing clients based on filters, home criteria, price range, or custom-drawn boundary

MoxiWorks Integration

Import Clients in Bulk

Our latest improvement to the MoxiWorks integration allows agents to import clients in bulk from from MoxiWorks directly into their RealScout account. Agents can choose from two configuration options:

  1. Backfill all clients into RealScout
  2. Select specific MoxiWorks groups to import 

Go to the integrations page on RealScout to start importing clients from MoxiWorks. Only available to agents whose brokerages have an existing RealScout + MoxiWorks integration.


New and Improved Client Mobile App
Homebuyer App – V 6.0.0

Redesigned from the ground up, the new Client Mobile App keeps clients connected with you through an immersive mobile search experience. The new app is designed to yield better search results, simplify client workflow, and provide more listing details.


Full-Screen Interactive Map

The new map offers more ways to fine-tune search results; draw a custom boundary, search by address or MLS #, or add geographical parameters like city, zip code, neighborhood or school. Save search criteria for future reference.

  • Search by address, MLS#, city, neighborhood, zip code or school
  • Filter by price, # of beds/baths, for sale or rent, property type, or open houses
  • Save a search based on your filters, search area or custom-drawn boundary
  • Explore different map type views; standard, satellite and hybrid
  • “Get Directions” button provides driving directions in your selected map app

Enhanced Listing Details Page

We’ve packed more functionality into the redesigned listing details page. 

  • Image carousel displays all images in a vertical scrolling format.
  • Filter Images by room/category, ie: kitchen, bathrooms, outside, etc.
  • School ratings are added to the listing details page.
  • “I’m Interested” and “Not Interested” buttons and message agent directly from the listing page.

New Client Home and Streamlined Navigation

The home screen simplifies client workflow with easy access to key features and an overview of matched listings.

  • Client home screen organizes listing matches.
  • Verdict buttons for “Interested” and “Not Interested” consolidate listings to the “Interested Listings” screen. 
  • Streamlined navigation for easy access to map search, agent chat and “Interested” listings.
  • Agent contact info is accessible by clicking the agent photo at the top of the home screen.

Follow Up Boss Integration

Sync Leads Between Follow Up Boss and RealScout


Ready to supercharge your Follow Up Boss CRM? RealScout has completed an integration with Follow Up Boss. Connect your account and sync your leads and SOI contacts from Follow Up Boss into RealScout. This integration allows you to automate client import into RealScout, and it keeps those records up-to-date. 



Once your Follow Up Boss account is connected to RealScout, your leads will automatically populate in your client dashboard so you can more easily track search activity, emails opened and listings viewed. Also, any changes made in Follow Up Boss, such as updating a contact record or deleting a lead, will be reflected in your RealScout account.

3 ways to manage the leads you want to sync with RealScout:

  • Backfill existing leads from Follow Up Boss into RealScout 
  • On lead creation push new leads into RealScout 
  • Filter based on tags, push those specific leads into RealScout

Once leads are added to RealScout, you can then customize their lead nurture and begin tracking their activity so you’ll know exactly where to spend your time most efficiently.

Connect teammates in RealScout

Manage lead assignment as you normally would in Follow Up Boss. Any changes made to lead assignment will automatically transfer to the assigned agent in RealScout.

Sync up your Follow Up Boss account in minutes
Learn more about our Follow Up Boss integration and how to connect your account to RealScout.

Easily Share Listings from the Mobile App

Update your RealScout Agent Dashboard app to v 5.0.1 to share listings via text, social media messenger or via your mobile email app. 

Download the latest version of the RealScout Agent Dashboard for IOS here

Download the latest version of the RealScout Agent Dashboard for Android here

Easily share listings with clients via text, social media messenger or via your mobile email app. You can also post listing links to Facebook, Instagram or whatever you use for lead generation. New leads would need  to create an account in order to see the “view” or any activity on the property.


Sold data now available in basic searches

We’ve modified the Agent Cross MLS – Basic Search form to now allow you to search for “In Contract”, “Sold” and “Rented” Listings depending on your MLS. If nothing is selected, it will continue to deliver listings “For Sale” as previously.


Status Change Notifications Enabled: Coming Soon—> Active

Depending on your MLS, RealScout will now notify your client when a property has gone from Coming Soon to Active. In order to take advantage of these notifications your search must have both status types selected:

As long as both Status types are selected we’ll send the property out in a property alert email based on your clients schedule once the property initially hits the market as Coming Soon and then again when the property goes from Coming Soon to Active.  If your client has marked this property as “INTERESTED” we will send them a separate Status Change notification email.

Quick Start Links on Agent Dashboard

We’ve added links to our most popular features so agents can toggle between them quickly. You can access these links from the top of your dashboard, above the live feed.

Quick Start Links

Find ‘Great Schools’ on RealScout!

Finding the right school is just one of the many important decisions in the process of buying a new home. That’s why we are proud to announce that we have added school ratings to the listing details page.

These ratings, provided through, enrich the listing data in RealScout to make it easy for clients to compare schools directly in the platform.

Here’s how it works.
When you click on a listing in RealScout, scroll to the ‘Nearby Schools’ section on the property details page where both agents and clients will now see the “Great Schools” overall ratings (1-10) where available.

The school name will be hyperlinked to the Great Schools page where you will find additional details about each school.

If the school does not yet have a rating on, there will be an empty grey circle where the ratings are typically displayed.

Search “Master on Main Level” with RealScout!

We’ve added the ability to search for “Master on Main Level” and other fragmented search criteria in RealScout.

Check out this quick video to learn how to find these filters on your RealScout search creation page.

Please Note: This search filter is only available in specific Market/MLS data feeds. If you believe your market could benefit with this updated filter, please reach out to Member Success.

Evaluate Climate Risk by Listing

We’ve enriched your listing data with Climate Risk Ratings. The new widget provides information about climate related threats associated with an individual property. Data provided by

Download Client Search Activity to a CSV file

You can download client search activity to a CSV file. Sort and filter the listings your clients are interested in.

Select the client, then select Recent Activity. Click “Download as CSV” link from the list of Viewed Homes, Interested Homes or Not Interested Homes. Your data will be exported to a CSV file


Reverse Prospecting is Here! Put Your Listing in Front of the Right Agents

Find buyer agents with clients whose search criteria matches your listing. Show sellers how you’re leveraging your network to get results fast. Line up qualified buyers to view your listings as soon as they hit the market!
If you currently have an active, coming soon, or contingent listing, go to the LISTING TOOLS tab after logging into your dashboard. Then click MY LISTINGS to claim your listing (only available in Standard accounts).
Identify agents with active buyers who match your listing. Send them a message to gauge interest quickly and move the sale forward. Learn more here

Enhance Your Listing Presentations with Buyer Demand Reports

We’ve added a button to Test the Market that will generate a Buyer Demand Report. This report enables you to download a snapshot of buyer activity based on your listing criteria. Stand out with a listing presentation showing relevant home search data vs. historical comps. Make pricing decisions based on real-time buyer demand in your area.

Win More Listings with Relevant Market Data

RealScout isn’t just for buyers anymore! Our Listing tools can help you engage and convert sellers, too.
  • Motivate dormant sellers with Market Activity Alerts. Advise them when the time is right to sell based on buyer demand in their neighborhood.
  • Win the listing with a Test The Market report. View market demand for a hypothetical listing. Make pricing decisions based on buyer demand.
  • Get real-time analytics in your My Listings dashboard. Review your listing performance, make data-driven recommendations.
These new features are powered by aggregated buyer activity data from agent-affiliated home buyers on RealScout.

Claim Listings and Run Listing Reports

Claim your Active Listings to unlock analytics, visit the left navigation sidebar and click on Dashboard. Once on the Dashboard locate a section named New Listing Available To Claim.

Here you can click on the button Claim My Listing and be routed to the My Listings tab.

You can also visit the left navigation sidebar and click on Listing Tools – My Listings.

Once on the Listing Tools – My Listings tab, click on View Analytics for your listing.

Don’t see your listing? Seeing incorrect listings? Contact to get your listings enabled.

Nurture Seller Prospects with Market Activity Alerts

RealScout isn’t just for buyers anymore — now you can send email alerts to your seller prospects and clients!

RealScout’s new Market Activity Alerts allow you to set up an email alert that shows all the buyer activity and the most popular listings/sales in a specific area.

Now, you can keep sellers & homeowners (and also buyers) up-to-date on their local market, so you can advise client when it’s the right time for them to buy or sell.