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Welcome to RealScout, DC!

Or, is it welcome to DC, RealScout? Either way, we are excited to share the launch of the DC Buyer Graph today, with 10 leading real estate brokerages in the
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Erika Cappa Joins RealScout

Erika Cappa Joins RealScout as Director of Brokerage Relationships

RealScout is excited to introduce the newest member of our team, Erika Cappa. Joining us as the Director of Brokerage Relationships, Erika brings seven years of experience as the Director
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The New England Buyer Graph Initiative Just Launched: The Largest to Date!

The New England Buyer Graph launched on August 14th with 17 brokerages, making it the largest Buyer Graph launch to date.
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Leading Edge Real Estate Tip Tuesday

Persevering and Thriving in Tough Times: Leading Edge Real Estate Leans on Culture and Community

“On Thursday, March 12th, we were huddled in our Melrose office for a scheduled office meeting. The energy around the room was different. News of COVID-19 had started to heat
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RealScout’s New Identity

This story was originally announced via Inman News here. Read more about the rebrand at Since our founding in 2012, RealScout has worked for the success of the relationships that make
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The Real Estate Buyer Data Gold Rush

There are moments in history where huge business opportunities are suddenly unlocked. Like the gold rush, these opportunities create fierce competition, rapid innovation, and new winners and losers. A new
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